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Through this lessons, you will be taught effective ways of installing, configuring and managing VMware vSphere including VMware vCenter server and VMware ESXi.

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Virtualization has become one of the hottest technologies available today. And, at the top of that industry is VMWare. VMWare has been doing virtualization on the desktop for years, and now there server products have become extremely popular in business and corporate environments. Due to its popularity, more businesses are needing qualified people to run this type of environment. Certifications and VMWare training have become more popular and the choices have increased dramatically.

VMWare allows computers to take one piece of hardware and virtualize several instances of an operating system on that single piece of hardware. And, it does not have to be the same operating system. One piece of hardware could have Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012 and Linux all running together. However, to the end user it appears as though it is three different systems. The advantages to this type of technology are many. The most notable being energy and space savings. Companies do not have to power several different servers when one piece of hardware can handle everything.


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VMWare training options are diverse and readily available in a variety of places. The demand for IT professionals possessing training and experience is growing by leaps and bounds every day. This makes it a great time for anyone interested in this field to look into VMWare training and certifications.  It benefits employers because they will have individuals skilled in this technology to help their business embrace it. And, it helps the employee or person seeking certification because it makes them more marketable where they can command higher salaries.

There are many options for VMWare training from online classes to in-person instruction. Online classes are good for people who need flexibility and cannot afford to take time to travel to a location. Many of these can even be taken at your own pace. This is ideal for people that need to get the training, but work around busy work and family schedules.

The in person instruction is good for people who need the more hands on training it can provide in a live classroom. It is also more structured and regimented which is good for people who need that extra push to get the training done in a set amount of time. There are also bootcamps that are designed to get the training accomplished in a short amount of time. These typically last one to two weeks. The end result of many of these bootcamps is that at the end you will have the skills necessary to pass certification exams sanctioned by VMWare.

These courses need to be approved by VMWare in order to sit for the certification exams from VMWare, like the VCP. Unlike some other vendor-specific certifications, VMWare does not allow individuals to sit for the exams unless they have gone through VMWare approved training courses. This helps weed out some individuals who seek certifications with no experience or training to back it up. That can water down the power of these certifications and VMWare is doing its best to protect the prestige of their certifications.

Here at VIADMIN.COM, we think that VMWare vSphere Training has to be affordable, practical and comprehensive. We offer just that with our set of vSphere VMWare Training courses. These comprehensive courses are designed to develop your vSphere System Admin qualities along with your ability to deal with real-life vSphere (VMWare vSphere 5) problems, while working on a number of exciting virtualization projects.

Many hours have gone into course development, the building of the vSphere Practice Lab, as well as in the organization of the vSphere test environment. The course covers a wide variety of virtualization-related themes and technologies, to enable you to make the right decisions based upon your knowledge.

Within our vSphere training and custom built practice  DataCenter are the tools and vSphere Training you’ll need in order to qualify as an expert in the field of vSphere virtualization. You get unlimited access to vSphere training videos, as well as to our enterprise-level VMWare vSphere 5 Practice Lab.

This includes a dedicated physical or virtual vSphere ESXi 5 server along with the use of a second (co-training servers as we call it) server if needed, a management station of your own and internet-based access, fast enough to keep up with your labs.

Our vSphere training course far exceeds VMWare’s expectations. At VMWare, you get limited training and practice. Compare that to our 20 hour training and a full week of practice. And we offer assistance in preparing for the all-important VCP-510 exam. You receive a lot of value when you sign up for our Certified Virtual Infrastructure Administrator program, including the satisfaction that you are developing the skills and knowledge required by this challenging position.

The hands-on, extensive vSphere training, done at your own pace here, is more conducive to effective learning than the training offered by VMWare. Once you’ve watched a training video, you get to put what you’ve learned into practice on our dedicated vSphere ESXi server, along with our shared SAN storage. And do it all remotely, 24/7, as often and for as long as needed.

To truly develop competence in VMWare, you need to be competent in many different skills. Managed hands-on vSphere practice is the best way to achieve this competence. This type of practice is built into our datacenter. As part of your vSphere training, you will spend a week or more performing lab exercises structured to build confidence, competence and clarity in VMWare vSphere 5.

Our vSphere training program for VMWare includes three modules. Video training is in development right now!

1) Live VMWare vSphere Training (online)

Join us for an in-depth online live training to gain real-life system administrator experience that you can count on.

2) VMWare vSphere Training Videos

In coordination with VMWare VCP Certified system engineers and relying on our experience in vSphere virtual infrastructure, we have developed an extensive library of vSphere video training. These videos go through the step by step process involved in the set-up and administration of VMWare.

Installing VMWare vShpere 5.1 video

Installing vSphere Client

3) VMWare vSphere Practice Lab

Our lab is located in a top datacenter facility in North America. Our equipment is comparable to what you would find in current corporate IT environments. Our certified VMWare vSphere hardware is compatible with current VMWare hardware used in the industry and we follow industry best practices. Within the vSphere Lab, you actually get to run applications and then test them on servers that are equipped with the proper specs.


VMWare Lab Demo

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