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A Summary Of Our Training Course In VMware, Chicago

vmware training chicago sessionOur interactive course entitled, “Installing, Configuring and Administering VMware vSphere” is presented by our instructor which includes hands-on exercises, demonstrations, and a session for Q&A. You will learn the installation, configuration, and management of VMare vSphere which includes the VMware ESXi and VMware vCenter Server.

You have a choice of three flexible schedules. Classes are held during the day, weekend and evening.

The class schedule for the daytime classes is Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 4 PM. You will receive 30 hours of training on VMware over five days.

The classes on the weekends are held on Saturday and Sunday, 10 AM to 4 PM, over three weekends consecutively. You will receive 30 hours of VMware training over six days.

Our evening classes are designed for the busy professional. These are offered from Monday to Friday, 7 PM to 10 PM over two weeks consecutively. You will receive 30 hours of VMware training for three hours a day over a ten day period.

We offer three flexible schedules, Daytime, Weekend and Evening, in order to accommodate the demands that you may face in balancing your work obligations with your education. You can participate in these training sessions conveniently from your office or from home, using a Windows-based computer or a mobile device like an iPad or an Android tablet. We specifically designed our courses to be compatible with mobile devices to give you greater flexibility in taking our course wherever you are.

Please watch a video of one of our training sessions so you can see how we combine high quality instruction, expert demonstrations, and classroom interaction in order to deliver to you the best in VMware training online.

Now you see how our online training course is just as effective as a conventional training course that you attend in person. Our advanced training tools enable our instructors to deliver clear instruction and the ability to evaluate your progress on the spot so that he can help you through any part of the training that are more complex.

There is more that we offering in this training course.

virtual-lab-classYour training program also includes access to our Enterprise-level Data Center environment for 14 days from your office in Chicago. We designed this environment to help you practice the actual installation and configuration processes of VMware, right from the very beginning.

Even though you may not have previous experience in virtualization, you get a chance to practice the actual installation and configuration of Vmware products which you will help you build up your skill and experience. There is nothing better than hands-on practice to fully learn and grasp the chief components of VMware.

In addition, through our Virtual Classroom Portal, you can review the recording of each session, download lectures and get support from us for 14 days after instruction.

For those of you who are interested in taking the exams for the VMware Certified Associate or VMware Certified Professional and need a boost in exam prep, we offer you an Exam Preparation Training in order to get you ready for both certification exams.

At the end of the training, we offer a VMware VCP Preparation Workshop where our instructor will take time to evaluate the results of the Exam Preparation Training. He will personally advise you on what you need to work on so that on exam day, you will be fully prepared and ready for the test.

Your course material will include two textbooks. The first book is the VMware vSphere Step-by-Step Lab Book, and the second book is the VMware VCP Study Guide. The Lab Book provides you with step-by-step instructions in installing and configuring VMware. This is designed for those who have no experience in VMware. There are lots of easy-to-follow exercises that will help you become comfortable with the virtualization environment. The Study Guide Book is your bible to the VCP exam materials. It covers all the points that are outlined in the blue-print of the certification exam.

We recommend the following prerequisites for our course. You should have experience in the administration or support of the MS Windows or Linux computing environment. You do not need experience in VMware. Our course will help you increase your understanding of virtualization, the installation, configuration, and management of the VMware VSphere environment. We will help you in the preparation of your certification exam.

When you register for the Chicago course, you will receive the following:

1) 30 to 40 hours of high-quality instructor-led training, with 14 days of hands-on practice on VMware. You get a perfect combination of theory and real-world experience.
2)Your choice of Daytime, Weekend or Evening sessions that work with your busy schedule.
3)State-of-the-art training format that is mobile friendly. You can attend your training session from any location, at work or at home, using your computer or mobile device.
4) 24/7 access to our Enterprise-level Data Center environment for a full 14 days. You get the full environment where you can practice your skills in the installation and configuration of VMware from scratch.
5) 24/7 access to the training portal where you can watch replays of class sessions, download course material, and get support from your instructor.
6) Our VMware VCP Exam Preparation Workshop in addition to a personalized evaluation by our instructor of your readiness to become certified.
7) High quality training courseware including our Step-by-Step Lab Book and a VMware Study Guide.
8) Individual counseling sessions with the instructor any time during the training.

Upcoming Class Dates & Times:

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Our goal is to offer you unmatched quality in the training of VMware technology. We emphasize on practical theory that is relevant to the demands of businesses today, as well as hands-on practice. We offer training from our instructors who are experts in their field and enable you to attend your training course regardless of where you are, whether you use a computer or your mobile device.

VIADMIN is a leading training provider, and we use Virtual Classroom to provide innovative training materials and content to people who are interested in developing their IT skills. Thought leadership is a complex field, and using highly participatory training methods is a good way to improve retention and understanding.

VIADMIN has clients who work in some of the most important and prominent companies in the world, in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals through to energy and finance. VIADMIN is able to provide valuable and insightful training for all of those companies.  In spite of offering training for companies spread across numerous industries, VIADMIN has identified several key similarities. These companies rely on employees working towards a common goal, using their initiative and creativity. Employees that understand operational objectives and are willing and able to use their skills to meet your business objectives, will benefit your business greatly. VIADMIN delivers high quality training materials using industry best practices, and adds a high level of interactivity that ensures the training materials are as engaging as possible.

VIADMIN helps presenters, training providers and organizations as they work towards providing digital training. The virtual classroom model takes some getting used to if your company is used to offering face-to-face training, but VIADMIN offers training for the trainers and presenters themselves, as well as the people who produce training materials, so that they can learn how to offer training that works well in the virtual world.

The experience that VIADMIN has with a wide range of industries is invaluable for the creation of top-tier training materials. These training materials are delivered using Virtual Classroom – some of the most sophisticated training software in the world.  VIADMIN has experience in working with numerous other training platforms, but recommends Virtual Classroom to all of its clients, and uses that software platform for its own training delivery. Virtual Classroom is ideal for delivering high impact, engaging and informative training materials.

Virtual Classroom is good for both lead generation and virtual learning. It can be used to collect registrations for educational webinars, and it can also be used to engage with customers, find out what people are interested in and what they they think of your training materials. By making use of the sophisticated engagement tools it is possible to develop interactive, engaging experiences. VIADMIN uses Virtual Classroom to deliver its own bi-monthly webinars, which have grown to attract around 500 registrations per seminar. The flexibility of the platform helps VIADMIN to grow its own customer base, and it can do the same for your business too.

Demand for virtual learning has grown massively over the last few years as internet connections have grown faster, and more companies are accepting remote workers. VIADMIN has altered its business model to allow it to reach new customers with its thought leadership training, and it now deals with virtual consultations almost exclusively – both for its own training and its own customer acquisitions.

The Virtual Classroom platform is perhaps the best VMWare classroom option in the world, and VIADMIN can help you to learn how to leverage it.

chicago-virtual-classroomInteractive, high quality training is a great way to help your employees to grow into thought leaders.

One of the best features of Virtual Classroom is the ability to create polls and to chat with the people who are attending the webinars. Training best practices recommend that presenters engage with their audience at least once every 90 seconds. Polls and private team chat rooms are an ideal way to do this.

Webinar presentations should not be one-way events. Virtual Classroom makes it possible to create a rich and engaging conversation that stimulates learners. Adults respond to educational information in a different way to children, and this engagement-building system is ideal for stimulating discussion and maximising learning transfer. Breakout rooms, for example, are ideal for stimulating discussions, and the most interesting content from those discussions can be fed back into the main group.

In addition, it is possible to incorporate multimedia content into your presentation, improving engagement with your audience.

Video content makes your presentations more approachable and improves retention. A minute of video content can convey the same amount of information as thousands of words of text. This means that video is ideal for reinforcing your messages. In addition, you can use webcams to add a personal touch to your message, or you can simply use a portrait picture if you are operating on a connection with limited bandwidth.

If you need to provide long-term training, or run multiple sessions, then you can create a persistent meeting room. This will make it easy to run a long presentation, or to arrange to meet up with training recipients who might otherwise not be able to attend a scheduled session. People can drop in and out of persistent meeting rooms whenever they need to. Virtual Classroom’s flexible meeting room options are ideal for facilitating training and live meetings for companies with a large number of remote workers even if they are in different time zones.
When VIADMIN prepares its own presentations, we add surveys and polls to the sessions, and run post webinar surveys so that we can find out what people are interested in. Typically, our webinars are highly rated, scoring 4.7 or higher out of 5, because of the highly engaging, professional level tools offered by virtual classroom.

VIADMIN’s Chicago virtual classroom is an outstanding tool for training thought leaders. It has a huge number of useful features including video and audio streaming, text chat, collaboration, polls and more.
We deliver top quality vmware courses and a rich and engaging learning experiences that will benefit your IT employees and improve the efficiency of your systems training.