VMware Training Boston

A Summary Of Our VMware Training Boston

vmware training boston“Installing, Configuring and Administering VMware vSphere” is an interactive course.  It includes demonstrations, hands-on exercises and a Q&A session led by our instructor.  You will learn how to install, configure and manage Vmware vSphere.  It includes the Vmware vCenter Server and VMware ESXi.

There are three flexible schedules for you to choose from.  You may attend day, weekend or evening classes.

The daytime class schedule runs from 9 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday.  Over five days, you receive 30 hours of VMware training.

Weekend classes take place from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday and Sunday over three consecutive weekends.  Over six days, you will receive 30 hours of VMware training.

Evening classes have been designed especially for busy professionals.  Classes areheld from 7 pm to 10 pm Monday through Friday over two consecutive weeks.  You receive 30 hours of VMware training over ten days.

We offer the three flexible course schedules of Daytime, Evening and Weekend classes to accommodate the various demands you might be facing in trying to balance your education with work obligations.  You can conveniently participate in the training sessions either from your home or office, by using a mobile device such as an Android tablet or iPad or from a Window-based computer.  Our courses have been specifically designed so that they are compatible with various mobile devices.  This provides you with even more flexibility to be able to take our courses wherever you happen to be.

Be sure to view a training session video so that you can experience for yourself how we combine classroom interaction, expert demonstration and high quality instruction to deliver the finest online VMware training to you.

You can clearly see that our online training course can be as effective as any conventional training course that requires attendance in person.  The advanced training tools we provide allow our instructors to deliver clear instruction as well as being able to evaluate your progress at any time in order to help guide you through the more complex portions of the training.

This training course offers even more.

You will also be provided with access for 14 days to our Enterprise-level Data Center as part of your training program.  This environment has been designed to help you be able to practice actual VMware configuration and installation processes from the very start.

Although you might not have any previous virtualization experience, you will be provided with an opportunity to practice actual installing and configuring VMware products.  This will help with building up your experience and skills.  Nothing can really take the place of actual hands-on practice in order to completely grasp and fully learn VMware’s chief components.

The Virtual Classroom Portal also allows you to review recordings of every session as well as get support and download lectures for 14 days following the instruction.

If you are interested in taking the VMware Certified Professional or VMware Certified Associate exam, we also offer Exam Preparation Training to give you a much needed boost and prepare you for taking both of these certification exams.

After the training is complete, we provide you with a VMware VCP Preparation Workshop.  The instructor will evaluate your Exam Preparation Training results.  The instructor will provide you will personal advice on what you specifically need to work on prior to exam day.  That way when you get to the test you will be fully prepared for the exam and ready to take it.

Included in your course materials are two textbooks.  These include a VMware VCP Study Guide and Step-By-Step VMware VSphere Lab book.  The Lab Book offers step-by-step instructions for installing VMware and also configuring it.  The book has been designed for individuals with no prior VMware experience.  It includes many easy-to-follow exercises to help you get familiar with its virtuaization environment. The second book, the Study Guide Book, acts basically as a bible for the VCP exam.  All the points outlined as part of the certification exam’s blueprint are covered.

There are certain prerequisites that we recommend for the course.  Having prior experience in support or administration of the Linux or Windows computing environment is a must.  However, prior VMware experience isn’t necessary.  Our course will improve your understanding of virtualization in addition to installing, configuring and managing a VMware Vsphere environment.  In addition, we’ll help you prepare to take your certification exam.

You receive the following  when you register for our course:

1.  30-40 hours worth of instructor-led high-quality training, in addition to 14 days of actual practice with VMware.  You’ll receive the ideal combination of real-world experience and theory.

2.  Your choice of Day, Evening or Weekend class sessions to accommodate your busy work and personal schedule.

3.  A mobile friendly state-of-the art training format.  The training sessions can be attended from wherever you happen to be, at home or at work, using your mobile device or computer.

4. Access to the Enterprise-level Data Center environment on a 24/7 basis for 14 days.  Your access is for the full environment.  You will be able to practice your installation and configurations skills for VMware entirely from scratch.

5.  24/7 access to our training portal.  This will allow you to get help from your instructor, download course materials and watch video replays of the class sessions.

6.  VMware VCP Exam Preparation Workshop along with personalized evaluation from our instructor on your readiness for becoming certified.

7.  The highest quality training course, which includes our VMware Study Guide and Step-by-Step Lab Book.

8.  Individualized counseling sessions with your instructor throughout the course of the training.

Our main goal is to provide with VMware technology training that is unmatched in quality anywhere else.  Our emphasis is on practical theory which is highly relevant to today’s business demands, in addition to providing you with hands-on practice.  The training we provide is led by expert instructors with extensive knowledge in their field.  You will also be able to attend the training course no matter where you happen to be, and whether you use your mobile device or a computer.