VMware training Atlanta

Training Courses In VMware In Atlanta

We offer an interactive course titled “Installing, Administering and Configuring VMware vSphere” to all citizens of Atlanta. This course includes hands-on exercises, Q&A sessions and demonstrations by our highly qualified and experienced instructors. At the end of the course, you will be equipped to install, manage and configure VMware vSphere including VMware vCenter Server and VMware ESXi. You are offered a choice of three flexible schedules. Classes are usually held during the day, evening and weekends.

Daytime classes are held from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM. You will receive 30-hours of comprehensive training on VMware over five days. The weekend classes are held from 10 AM to 4 PM on Saturdays and Sundays for three weeks at a stretch. This will cover 30-hours of VMware training over a six-day period. Our evening classes are especially designed for the busy professional. They are scheduled from Monday to Friday from 7 PM to 10 PM. It will continue for two weeks at a stretch. Here too, you will receive 30-hours of VMware training over a 10-day period.

Our flexible training schedules, Daytime, Evening and Weekend, are designed to accommodate the demands of busy individuals, who need to balance their work obligations with education opportunities. You are able to participate in our training sessions from your office or home. A Windows based PC or a mobile device such as an iPad or Android tablet can be used for this purpose. We have specifically designed our courses so that they are compatible with most modern mobile devices. It will give you greater flexibility in taking our courses from wherever you are based.

You can watch a video of one of our training sessions in order to get an idea about how we combine classroom interactions and expert demonstrations with high quality instructions. This way, we are able to deliver the best VMware training online. In fact, our online training course is just as effective as a conventional training course that you attend in person. We possess some of the most advanced training tools that enable our instructors to deliver clear instructions. They are able to evaluate your progress on the spot through these advanced tools. The instructor will be able to help you through any part of the training session that is more complex in nature.

We Offer A Lot More During Our Training Courses –

You are offered free access to our Enterprise-level Data Center environment for 14-days, once you are enrolled with us. This environment was designed to offer our students the ability to perform actual installation and configuration processes of VMware. You can practice it right from the beginning. You may not have previous experience in virtualization, that’s all right. You will get a chance to practice the actual installation and configuration of VMware products so that you can build your skills and experience in the process. Hands-on experience is mandatory in grasping and learning the chief components of VMware.

Our Virtual Classroom Portal permits you to review the recordings of each session, download lectures and obtain support from us for as long as 14-days after instructions. If you are interested in taking the exams for VMware Certified Professional or Associate, and require support for examination preparations, we offer Exam Preparation Training for the aforesaid examinations.

At the end of this training, there is a VMware VCP Preparation Workshop where instructors will evaluate the results on your Exam Preparation Training. He/she will personally advise you on what you should work on to be fully prepared on exam day.

The course material you receive includes two textbooks. The first textbook is on VMware vSphere Step-By-Step Lab Book and the other is the VMware VCP Study Guide. The Lab Book will guide you on a step-by-step route to install and configure VMware. This book is designed for those have no experience in VMware. There are a lot of easy-to-follow exercises that will help you become comfortable with the virtualization environment. The Study Guide can be considered your Bible to VCP Exam Materials. This book covers all the important points that are highlighted in the blueprint of the certification examination.

There are some important prerequisites for our course. The first thing is to possess experience in the administration or support of Linux or Windows environment. You don’t require to have any experience in VMware. Our course helps you expand the understanding of virtualization, installation, management and configuration of VMware vSphere environment. Our instructors will help in preparing you for the certification examination.

You Will Receive The Following When You Register For Our Course:

1/ 30 to 40 hours of high quality, instructor-led training. This includes 14-days of hands-on practice on VMware. We offer a perfect combination of theory and practical experience.

2/ Choice of attending daytime, evening or weekend classes depending on your work schedule.

3/ Mobile friendly, state-of-the-art training format so that you are able to attend the training from wherever you reside. Attend the courses through your computer or mobile device from your own home.

4/ 24-7 free access to our Enterprise-level Data Center Environment for a full 14-days. You are able to practice your skills in installation and configuration of VMware from scratch.

5/ 24-7 free access to the training portal so that you are able to watch replays of recorded class sessions. You can also download course material and get support from our instructors.

6/ The VMware VCP Exam Preparation Workshop will prepare you for future exams.

7/ High quality training courseware with the step-by-step Lab book and VMware Study Guide.

8/ Individual counseling sessions with our instructors at any time during the training period.

We offer unmatched quality in VMware training technology. Our practical sessions are geared to equip you to meet the demands of businesses today. Our instructors are experts in their field. You can attend our courses regardless of where you reside, through your computer or mobile device.