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VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Administer [V5.5 + 6.0] London Training

VMware Training London: Why Your Company Needs a VMware Training Program.

Behind the scenes changes have been quietly happening in the datacenter and virtualization world for some time now and most people aren’t even aware of it. Virtual machines are increasingly becoming the best options for most businesses and every single Forbes 500 corporation is in on the game and London companies are no exception. Early virtual machines entered the scene decades ago, but recent changes have made them adaptable for almost every business application. A London VMware training program will help your company expand its virtual world to create resilient, easier to manage and overall better and safer user environment.

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Keeping the network free from potentially debilitating malware is a breeze when you operate in vmware’s virtual world. Users simply open files from unknown sources in a virtual environment whitout having to worry about their production systems. Any damage will be restricted to the virtual environment and won’t go out of that area.

A VMware training program in London, UK can be specifically customized and lab environment engineered to make class sessions highly relevant to your virtual infrastructure environment. As part of our vmware classes students learn how to create an image of the hard drive and port it to any other virtual machine on the network. Our highly sophisticated virtual training platform can be used by our students on mobile devices and they can be where they need to be instead of trapped behind a desk.

We are sure that you know virtual machines and vmware virtualization technology has been extensively used for virtualizing servers and it allows multiple virtual servers to be placed on a single physical host. You can control web traffic by allocating different resources during periods of peak usage and reduce the amount of your physical investment needed. VMware is currently the leader when it comes to virtualization technology.

The advantages of using virtual machines have caused a rapid uptick in the number of users and companies in London that switched to virtualization. In-house system administrators and analysts who are experienced and have participated in our VMware training London program can maintain your system and recommend savvy upgrades. There is an entire industry devoted to providing virtual architecture but it makes sense to have trained workers available.

Currently, it’s difficult to find fully trained employees in this field. Most that have expertise command a very high salary and can be difficult to secure. That’s why in-house training programs are vital.

VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Administer [V5.5] London Training

Once your employees have passed the installing, configuring and administering vmwa re vsphere class, they will be eligible to sit for an exam to be certified in two different tracks, either vmware certified professional or vmware certified associate. In order to get them started, its a good idea to have them go through some of the free videos that are available on viadmin’s website. In the section that talks about instructor led training, there is enough information there to determine which courses to pursue to best meet your business goals. In general the first certification that you should aim at is the VMware Certified Associate (vca-dcv).

Since VMware Certified professionals (vcp-dcv) are hot commodities in the marketplace, your employer will most likely have to boost your pay. However, your organization will benefit and achieve balanced savings because they will realize they don’t have to outsource vmware work anymore. Additionally, your virtual infrastructure will be more secure and more efficient. Advanced planning creates the opportunity for growth and additional income to offset this investment in your knowledge.

There is a reason that the big corporations in London are using virtual machines and rely on vmare trainig. Businesses that delay entering this will suffer in the long run. When making the decisions about which training programs to add, a clear choice are programs to build a virtual environment for your company’s future growth and stability.


Overview Of VMware Training London: Course Schedule and Delivery Format

“Installing, Administering and Configuring VMware vSphere” is a class that is instructor led class that will consist of interactive presentation. It will include life Q&A sessions, lab exercises as well as demonstrations. With this hands on training you’ll explore installation, management of VMware vSphere, as well as configuration of VMware ESXi and also VMware vCenter servers.

The schedules are flexible and you can select from day classes, weekend classes and evening classes.

Day classes are from Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. It’s a 5 day training course of about 30 hours of VMware training information.

Weekend classes will be held on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm for three consecutive weekends. This will total six days of training with about 40 hours of lectures on VMware.

If you are a really busy person you may wish to take an evening course. These will be held from Monday through Thursday from 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm (alternatively from 6pm-9pm) for three weeks. Evening classes will run for twelve days total and they will have three hours of lectures daily so about 40 hours of VMware training as well.

Since you can select from day classes, weekend classes or evening classes, there is a lot of flexibility and you won’t need to worry about balancing yoru work life with your education. You’ll be able to join the training sessions right from the comfort of your own home or your office. You can also use a mobile device like an iPad, Windows computer or even an Android Tablet. You won’t have to be stuck at your desk during training as it will run on all mobile devices.

You can watch a recording of a training session and see how it blends easy conceptual explanation and live discussions with the absolute best practices and demonstrations that will deliver top quality VMware training sessions right online.

It’s not different than traditional class training sessions. It is however, much more efficient as the instructor will have advanced tools that deliver and visualize training for you. It can also dynamically evaluate progress and help you to understand the areas that are in the gray for you.

What Else We Offer

As an addition to the training, you’ll have a full fourteen days of access to the Enterprise Data Level Center. This environment is specially designed for practicing in installing and configuring VMware components right from scratch.

You’ll have an amazing opportunity to learn hands on VMware experience with installing and setting up the VMware product line. Even if you’ve never had any previous virtualization experience, you can do this. It is fast and easy to learn and you’ll understand and you’ll remember the main components of the technology for VMware.

With access to a virtual classroom portal, you can download the lectures and watch them and get support during the 7 to 28 day period (depending on the schedule you sign up for).

If you are seeking to be a VMware Certified Professional or you wish to be a VMware Certified Associate, you may be concerned about what to expect at the exam. You’ll be relieved to that there is an exam preparation program that trains you for the VCP as well as the VCA exams.

Here is how it will work: When you complete the training sessions, there is a VMware VCP exam prep workshop that the instructor will review your results with your Exam Prep training and then give you the information that you need to be properly prepared for the exam.

You’ll get two books for supporting materials:

1. VMware vSphere step by step lab book and also

2. VMware VCP study guide. This lab book will assist you as you install and configure the VMware’s virtual infrastructure. Our Step by step lab book has a lot of exercises that will be easy to follow along with. Even if you’ve never done anything like this before you’ll be able to follow along and find your way. The VCP study guide will cover the objectives of the VCP exam that is outlined in the blue print.

So, what are the course prerequisites?

Any experience in administering or supporting for MS Windows or LInux is sufficient to be able to make the most of our training. Even if you’ve never before worked with VMware this training sessions will help you to figure it out and comprehend the virtualization, as well as installation, configuring and managing of VMware vSphere environments and preparing you for the exam.

Here is a quick overview of what you will get when you register for this class:

1. Top quality training that will consist of 30 to 40 hours of presentations as well as 7 to 28 days of VMware practice that is hands on. This is the perfect blend of hands on experience and theory.

2. A flexible schedule where you can select the time that works best for you for classes.

3. Training sessions from the comfort of your own home or office. With a top of the line with a platform for training that will run on most mobile units. You won’t be stuck at the desk.

4. Two complete weeks of access that is 24/7 to the Enterprise Level Data Center in order to practice what you’re learning about hte installation and configuration of the VMware virtual infrastructure right fomr scratch.

5. Full access to our training portal so you can download the courseware and watch the videos as well as replays of the training sessions and full instructor support.

6. VMware VCP exam preparation workshop that is combined with a personal evaluation to see if you’re ready for the final test.

7. A comprehensive courseware that consists of the step by step lab book as well as the VMware VCP study guide.

8. Plenty of one on one sessions with your instructor for the duration of your training.

We’re passionate about giving you the highest quality training that is focused on practical applications as well as the technology that is reinforced in theory using real world examples and plenty of hands on lab experience. Your training is done with exceptional instructors as well as mobile friendly platforms.