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VMware vSphere Onsite Training For Successful Administrators

Our standard three day VMware vSphere Onsite Training covers topics such as setting up vSphere 4.x/5.x environment, HA, DRS, vMotion, creating and presenting virtual and raw iSCSI LUNs, vSwitch networking, VLANs, monitoring virtual environments and VM capacity planning and sizing. It’s possible to tailor the content of the VMware vSphere training to your needs. The vSphere training is led by one of our partners (VMware Certified Professional VCP3, VCP4, VCP5) – he has 15+ years in IT and 6+ years experience with VMware.

Once We know your objectives We can work with you on creating a detailed vSphere course schedule that covers the topics you’d like to see being part of the course.

Hands On Experience

In terms of hands-on experience at the beginning of the vSphere course we always start with clean vSphere environment. The instructor and the students build VMware vSphere lab (environment) step-by-step starting with the basics – every student has it’s own VMware vSphere ESXi server and a 9 page configuration sheet to follow during the course.

The Installing, Configuring and Administering VMware vSphere onsite training is focused on hands-on practical experience and the approach is to first explain how the technology works and then have the students install and configure their own server, virtual switches, VMs, vMotion, DRS, HA, etc.

Basically the idea is to take the student through the typical process of installing, configuring, administering and monitoring VMware vSphere environment. If you believe there are areas we should focus on – that’s not a problem! We can incorporate those areas into the course agenda.

We also look at typical real-word VMware vSphere problems and discuss how can we solve them (for example, how to deal with slow performing VMs, expanding VMFS volumes and virtual disks, dealing with resource allocations).

As part of the onsite VMware training we provide access to VMware Practice Lab (a cluster of ESXi hosts). The vSphere Practice Lab is accessible remotely via RDP, so every student needs access to a computer and fast internet.

We are quite flexible when it comes to scheduling our onsite VMware vSphere Training, still we need to know three to four weeks beforehand in order to make the required resources are available.

Personalized Agenda

If you let us know what are the areas (in relation to your production environment) that we should focus on, we can work on preparing a detailed draft course outline that is completely tailored to your needs. For more information, please contact one of our virtual geeks

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Me and my colleagues at VIADMIN believe in 100% Human support. Yup, no autoresponders or 3 days response policy. The easiest way to get a quote is to send me an email providing information about how many students will be attending and your location. If you want to reach me via phone, you can simply call me at 360-633-2260. Have a great day!

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Achieving Best Results With VIADMIN’s VMware Onsite Training

Studies in behavioral learning indicate the most efficient means to learn a complicated subject such as VMware vSphere virtual infrastructure, including it’s various options and feature, it to see, hear and do. Onsite vSphere training enhances the learning experience by giving the administrator the opportunity to observe each part of the training in person. Instructors appear onsite with a self-contained learning environment to make this type of training work.

Enhance the Level of Excitement

One aspect that influences the success of an onsite VMware training session is the enjoyability factor. If the end-user isn’t motivated by the prospect of learning or using the new features of VMware vSphere, they are less likely to accept it and understand it. Our VMware vSphere instructors are highly knowledgeable with all aspects of the virtualization, SAN, Windows Active Directory environment and administrative tools that make System Administrators life easier, and teach with enthusiasm, in the hope that this enthusiasm rubs off on the students. System Administrators and Anlaysts leave a training session eager to start using the new features of VMware vSphere software once available.

Remember What Is Learnt

Within 30-minutes of finishing a traditional VMware class session, a lot of the students forget almost half of what they have been taught. A full-day after VMware training, that level of retention drops even further. Hands-on VMware virtual infrastructure training means a student retains a lot more of what is being taught, due to a student actually following along, and performing the tasks at hand. Also, follow-up VMware tuition material is available for a student to refer back too.

Personalizing a Training Session

We appreciate that you are familiar with all aspects of your company, so to make certain the VMware onsite training is most beneficial to your employees, the specifics of the training is left to you. From the wide-ranging course material, you have the option to decide on which topics to focus on and those that can be left out entirely.

Click this link to request a comprehensive outline of our on-site VMware vSphere training sessions, a sample course outline, and complete pricing details.

Convenient and Cost-Effective VMware Onsite Training

If using VMware onsite training a student won’t be left waiting patiently while other system administrators are attempting to learn parts of the program that you already know. Learn what you want at your own pace, in your own time, and at a destination of choice – giving complete freedom in the learning process.

Personalized Coaching Beliefs

Our mission statement: It is our belief that we can teach the skills to be productive and confident in using VMware vSphere virtual infrastructure. With students feeling confident, comfortable, and knowledgeable, the teaching process becomes that much easier.

If feeling intimidated by the vast amount of technologies involved in understanding virtualization, or just feel that you ought to be performing VMware system administration tasks a lot more easily, be sure that our VMware onsite training instill confidence, encouragement, motivation, and reassurance. Acquiring a sense of achievement once a course is completed, you’ll have the know-how to expertly use vSphere to complete a wide variety of administrative tasks. Our tutors are highly knowledgeable, certified and know their stuff.