Instructor-Led VMWare Training India

Two amazing instructors, Vibin (main instructor) and Peter (co-trainer), will put their heads together to deliver world-class vmware training specifically tailored for you! This combined is over 30 years of experience in IT and VMWare at your fingertips! What training could be better than this? We know that you need to learn fast, and you need training that meets your level of expertise. We deliver exactly this in an easy to understand and intelligent way.

VMWare Training Instructors India

We’ve designed instructor-led VMWare Training specifically to meet the requirements of system administrators based in India. We saw that time zone differences can inhibit our students’ ability to sit on any of our VMWare Training courses, such as VMWare Install, Configure and Administer or VMWare vSphere Optimize and Scale. In addition, we wanted to make sure pricing reflects India’s market, and we did everything possible to bring the cost down to an affordable level.

The course has been developed to exceed what VMWare official courses have to offer. It brings lots of hands-on vmware training, and extensive sets of practical lab exercises to the convenience of your office or home.

There is no need to travel to the training location.
You will get plenty of time to understand the technology, even if you are just starting out and have no previous experience with VMWare. If that is the case, we recommend you take the five day Installing, Configuring and Administering VMWare vSphere course.

Rest assured that we will make sure you get the required support from us—the trainers—to quickly move through the material and understand how to build and successfully support virtual environments, networking, and shared storage.

We guarantee that you will get lots of value when you sign up for “Installing, Configuring and Administering VMWare vSphere 5.1 course. It’s jam-packed with real life knowledge and practical experience. You will have the confidence and the knowledge to impress your potential employer at your upcoming interview.

The course is 100% hands-on, extensive VMWare training, specifically designed to meet India’s dynamic market requirements, and you can join no matter where in India you are located.

What’s Included in Your VMWare Training?

[dropcap style=”solid” bg_color=”#e74c3c” text_color=”#ffffff”]1[/dropcap] Three days of intensive lectures, mixed with lab exercises, where you will be building the entire infrastructure from scratch.

[dropcap style=”solid” bg_color=”#e67e22″ text_color=”#ffffff”]2[/dropcap] Two days of instructor-assisted hands-on lab practice to repeat the lab exercises and to troubleshoot VMWare issues with the help of the instructor.

[dropcap style=”solid” bg_color=”#1abc9c” text_color=”#ffffff”]3[/dropcap] Two additional days of self-managed hands-on practice lab.

[dropcap style=”solid” bg_color=”#2ecc71″ text_color=”#ffffff”]4[/dropcap] Step-by-Step VMWare Lab book. This book is all practical and full of exercises. It has over 200 pages taken from real-life sys admin duties and presented as lab exercises. In this lab manual, you will find all of the exercises required to build the type of real life experience you will need in a VMWare job.

Course Format

This is an online-based training where the trainer will be presenting the content live to the audience with help of an online training platform such as GoToMeeting, TeamViewr and Skype. During the training, the Instructor will be showing PowerPoint presentations to explain the nature of the technology and he/she will share his screen and show you how to exactly configure all of the VMWare virtual environment components. The trainer will also be able to remotely see your personal training server and will help you set up the environment or look at the issues you might have as you go step-by-step along the course materials.

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The good news is you don’t have to pay for traveling and accommodation to participate in this course. In fact, you will save the cost involved in traveling to the training facility because you only need a computer with good internet connectivity in order to actively participate in the training sessions and practice lab. You can be working on lab exercises or listening to the training from the comfort of a home or office environment – it’s entirely up to you. And if you miss part of the training, you can watch the recordings at your own convenience to catch up with the rest of the students as quickly as you can.

What’s Next?

Participants in this course qualify for taking the Certified Virtual Infrastructure Administrator (CVIA) exam. This is an online exam administered by designed to help students demonstrate and employers verify the level of technical knowledge required to Administer VMWare vSphere 5.1.
If you pass the exam with a minimum of 80% of the questions correct, you will get your CVIA certificate and be proud member of our list of qualified VMWare Technical Experts, proven to know how to build, configure, and administer VMWare virtual infrastructure.

Get VMWare Certified With This Instructor-led Course Today!

After the course is over you can benefit from a special exam promotion expiring on October 30, 2013. If you sign up for this VMWare course you can then go take the exam for FREE! We are going to give you a discount coupon for the exam and the cost of the exam is covered by us. Don’t wait for the very last moment go ahead and book your VMWare Training by reserving your seat and attend the Installing and Configuring VMWare vSphere 5.1 course today! You are going to learn a lot and that will help you succeed at the exam.
vmware certified assiciate data center virtualization;

India Standard Time (IST) Schedule

• Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM IST
• Monday – Friday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM IST



Target Audience

• IT Admins
• System Analyst
• System Support
• VMware Virtual Infrastructure Systems Support
• Administrators Responsible For Managing Virtual Machines

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