Training is in our blood!

VIADMIN Takes advantage of the power of Virtual Classroom in order to deliver innovative vmware training content, transforming the way that people think about thought leadership and facilitating participatory, engaging workshops and education.

VIADMIN has clients in some of the biggest and most influential businesses in the world, including companies operating in the pharmaceutical, energy, financial services and healthcare industries. VIADMIN clients, while from a range of industries, all share one common characteristic. To thrive they need to have their employees working at a high level to drive the growth of their company and to promote improved operational efficiency. In order to facilitate these goals, VIADMIN combines advanced technology with industry best practices, as well as interactive and engaging training material that will help to create the next working generation of well educated thought leaders.

Virtual Classroom is a critical part of this training delivery system.

vmware-trainingThe organizations which we train, our vmware instructors and trainers and also our courrse content creators can all benefit from using Virtual Classroom to enhance the content delivered through online . Through working with a range of different companies, VIADMIN has gained the experience it needs to ensure that it delivers only the best content, in the most efficient way, and that it enhances the learning experience. It is easy to engage learners and to provide training that is memorable and professional.

Educating IT staff with Virtual Classroom can be a powerful tool for busy professionals, as well as distance training. The flexible registration tools offered by the company make it easy for providers to promote their own educational webinars, and to grow their business and engage with customers at various points in the buying cycle. Consumers can be engaged both before, during and after events, and the engagement strategies can identify issues and queries, build interest, highlight people who should be followed up with, and more.

Since adopting Virtual Classroom, VIADMIN has seen its registration figures for its bi-monthly Webinar series grow each session.

These registrants are highly qualified leads that produce great students, and by engaging with the attendees after the event is over it is possible to learn a lot about what interests those attendees, to highlight issues with the training, and to determine which students need additional education. We found that repeat attendance to our value-added seminars is a great way to build up an interested base of technology enthusiast who trust our brand and can easily understand even highly technical content delivered during regular class sessions. This approach helps students to get prepared for the deep dive technical presentations and demos of installation and configuration of various components of the private could infrastructure.

Interest in remote online training is increasing every year as more people get access to high speed, unmetered internet access and more companies accept remote workers. Today, more and more companies operate on a contractor/freelance/remote model, and Virtual Classroom facilitates training and meetings for those remote workers. The need to travel to client sites is reduced, cutting costs and also helping to protect the environment. Workers save travel time, and meetings can be carried out quickly, on demand and to a flexible level.

VIADMIN is committed to providing the best possible education when it comes to helping clients to get the best value from the virtual learning environment. Virtual Classroom’s interactive, engaging features and feedback system is one of the best in the world for this purpose.

One of the best practices that is encouraged by VIADMIN is to engage with the audience every 90 seconds, either by asking a question, presenting a poll or facilitating discussion. This is something that Virtual Classroom makes easy. Presenters can launch pre-prepared polls easily, and facilitate conversation between all participants, or specific groups of students.

real-labs-trainingIn some cases, webinar presenters and instructors spend a lot of time talking, and the attendees lose focus and interest. Virtual Classroom can prevent this by encouraging participants to break off into groups and enjoy their own discussions. An instructor or a presenter can make a rich, two-way or multi-way conversation that is a good learning opportunity for everyone involved. Feedback from the individual groups can be filtered back into the main conference room as and when appropriate, keeping the discussion moving with minimal distraction and off-topic chatter.

In addition to text chat, multimedia content is supported, and implementing multimedia feeds is easy. We quite often use webcams, images, and normal video content in our training sessions.

Video content is a brilliant way of conveying information. It can be used to make our training more approachable, to improve understanding of how content is delivered, and to hold the attention off our students. We can use webcams to provide “face to face” time, or freeze an image while still streaming audio if that is what students prefer. Low bandwidth connections can use text only, disabling the web cam entirely if needed.

One of the most popular features of Virtual Classroom is the persistent meeting room. This feature makes it possible to set up future meetings quickly and easily, and allows students to drop in and out of meetings as their schedule commits. Previous lectures, demonstrations and presentations can be saved and then downloaded by technology professionals at their own convenience.

VIADMIN encourages our instructors to run post-presentation surveys to find out how effective the training sessions were. These surveys can provide valuable insight into the effectiveness of the materials we are providing. When we at VIADMIN survey people who take our training sessions and webinars, the presentations are usually rated on average 4.7 out of five. A huge contributing factor to this high rating is the power and flexibility of the Virtual Classroom platform.

Virtual Classroom can be used to deliver education that are sophisticated, interactive, engaging, convenient and flexible. Take advantage of this platform to improve your training and educational activities.

VIADMIN can help to add interactivity to your presentations, and teach you how to create rich and memorable experiences for your trainees or prospective students.