Practice lab Pricing

At-Your-Own-Pace Delivery

VIADMIN’s high quality at-your-own-pace online courses help you to achieve your training goals conveniently at the pace and place of your choice. These online courses are a low-cost alternative to classroom training and are a perfect solution for individuals or small companies who do not have the budget or time for an onsite class.

Courses are sold as packages ofVMWare video-training and access toVMWare Practice Lab. Each package costs $99.95 or less per month. When you buy a series, you have access to all the courses in that series for a FULL month..

Click here for a full listing of currently available course series


Number of Units Discount Price / Unit
1 0% $99.95*
2 10% $89.96*
3-4 15% $84.96*
5-9 20% $79.96*
10-24 25% $74.96*
25-49 30% $69.97*
50-99 35% $64.97*
100-199 40% $59.97*
200+ 50% $49.98*
unit entails you to access of one dedicated physical ESX
Server per month. 

*Some series are less expensive.