Access to your own VMware ESX server
Features Details
Processor 2 x Dual Core Intel® or AMD Opteron ® 2.4GHZ
Hard Disk 1 x 64GB SAS
NICs 2 x Intel/Broadcom 1000Mb NICs
Operating System VMWare ESX 3.5 or VMWare ESX 4
Remote Access Remote Desktop, KVM, SSH, VPN
Support E-Mail Support

Online Access to ESX Server Practice Lab


From installing ESX Server to migrating Virtual Machines, Sign up and gain hands-on experience on real ESX Servers remotely – from your office or home.


When you choose to Subscribe in addition to online access to every tutorial 24 hours 7 days a week you will be provided with:


  • Access to real VMWare ESX Server Practice Lab.



Access VMWare Training and Practice Lab through Remote Destop Protocol (RDO)


  • Dedicated VM Ware ESX Server.

Dedicated VMWare Practice Lab

  • Certificate of Completion



The skills you have learned watching Training Videos can now be applied on real servers.

Get the real training you need, not just demos!

You can test your skills on each ESX Server topic by remotely administering VMWare Virtual Infrastructure Environment.

You are going to gain an in-depth real live Systems Engineer experience by applying what you’ve learned on real physical and Virtuaservers. Testing on real VMWare servers allows you to make mistakes with live consequences and be fully prepared to jump into production
environment based on your hands-on experience.

So why wait? Get on the wagon, get into learning and testing … there’s a big demand for IT professionals with strong virtualization background!


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