VCP Certification

What to expect at the VMware VCP  Certification Exam

You are going to see that people report different experiences during taking the VCP DCV exam which vary from one testing center to another, however We offer you an overview of what to expect at the exam – these are all reviews which some of our customers went through to pass VCP exam and shared with us. You are going to find it similar to what our customers reported when you go to pass the VCP exam/test.

Firstly, you needed to set an appointment with your local Pearson Vue test center.

This is done through VCP website, just go to VMware’s website and from the Home page select Services – VMware certification and click Exam Registration. You are going to be sent over to Pearson VUE site where you select the location of the exam center and schedule a date/ time for your VCP Exam. We suggest you do that at least two weeks ahead of time.

First thing you have to do when you arrive at the Pearson VUE exam center is to identify yourself and sign-in. Most Pearson VUE testing centers require two forms of ID – for example Drivers License and a major credit card will do the job. Also make sure to bring a printed copy of the confirmation e-mail which you got from Pearson Vue. This should cover all you need to be allowed to take the VCP Exam. It is of highest importance to read this email closely.

Second thing you need to do is empty your pockets and put your belongings such as cell phone, wallet, car keys. laptop into a backpack. The staff at the testing center will make sure your stuff is locked and you have no access to it.  Usually keys to your locker are kept at the front desk where staff sits.

Once you go through that procedure you will be walked in to the room (usually a small one) with five or less computers which are separated from each other by a wall. Member of the staff will turn on one of the computers for you and will start the Pearson VUE  testing application on it, then you will be asked to sit down and follow the instructions on the screen. In the room there are also TV cameras which were watching you to find out whether you are talking with other people or you are trying to cheat through some other way.

First thing to do when you sit in front of that computer that was assigned to you is to enter your name and so on, and then the test will start. VMware VCP5-DCV exam has a quick questionaire which is not the real test itself but a survey which goes and asks questions about what do you know in terms of VMware. Survey questions like, do you know how to set up HA, Shared LUN, do you have experience with those technologies, again this is not the real exam it’s just a survey. Once you are done with the survey, you will be using mouse for answers of questions which are answered one at a time. During the whole test you have no idea about the rightness of your answers. There is a possibility to go back to previous answers, at the end of the test before you submit the test you can check your answers once again and change the answers you selected initially. Approximate time for this test is 90 minutes, although, you would need only 60 minutes. Take your time and answer the questions extremely carefully.

As soon as test is done, you go picked up your stuff and go to the front desk where the staff would be waiting for you together with your VCP exam results printed out. It showes you score together with certification number which is only a temporary form of acknowledgement the you passed the VCP exam.  This papers which show your VCP exam results is also your temporary proof showing that you failed or passed, it also contains some other information.

Usually about couple of weeks later, you will obtain the official certificate that you completed the test, from VMware in your email box together with free serial number to make your own copy of VMware Workstation. When you get your VMware Certified Professional Certificate you are going to notice it looks like any other, it says: Congratulation, you have completed… despite of which we are sure you will be proud of it, at the end of the day becoming VCP 5 is not cheap, especially considering the fact that VMware requires you to attend one of their highly over-priced courses. Even if you are day-to-day user of VMware and have deep knowledge of ESXi 5/vCenter Server you won’t be able to pass the exam without good preparation. Our VCP exam question simulator is all you need to get ready for the exam, purchase it today and get ready for the unexpected questions. If you’d like hear what other people say about the VCP exam please check online, search for VCP exam reviews and you will see everyone out there highly recommends that you prepare yourself well for the exam. Otherwise most likely you won’t be able to pass the VCP exam, the questions are tricky and answers are easy to get mistaken at.

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VCP Certification Summary

In today’s job market, more and more employers are seeking people with datacenter virtualization training. However, in order to truly stand out, it is important to obtain official certification of your skills. You can do exactly that by becoming a VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 5 (VCP).

Industry-compliant VCP 5 certification requirements consist of a 3 to 5 day, VMware-accepted training and practical experience with VMware systems. By earning VCP, you are certified to effectively install, run, expand, and administer VMware vSphere 5 systems in addition to knowledge attained by at least 6 months of working with VMware systems.

VCP Certification is essential to jump-starting your career, as companies place high value on this type of education. Corporations which employ VCP’s are at ease knowing that their employees have the necessary training to effectively operate the datacenter, expand internal stability and minimize complication via the VMware technology.

VCP5-DCV Certification Advantages

There are numerous advantages of becoming a VMware Certified Professional (VCP-DCV). Aside from offering clients an industry-recognized distinction which they can have confidence in, certified individuals are permitted to use the official “VMware Certified Professional” emblem on their business cards and other professional items. Other benefits include a free-of-charge license of the 8th edition of VMware Workstation, inclusion in beta exam seminars, access to the VCP Store, and reduced registration costs for VMware events and programs.

Here is what John Weston (Cloud Evangelist for Microsoft) said about VCP certification exam:

“…back in January I attended a week long in person training on VMware vSphere, their latest product. It is interesting that VMware requires you to attend the training to become certified. Just taking and passing the test isn’t enough. I took the VCP exam right after the training and did NOT pass. I studied some more, practiced with the software, and took the VCP test again this week and Passed! VMware VCP was a hard exam. I can say that, because I have passed over 40 Microsoft Exams in the past 18+ years.”

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