VCA cloud

How to become VCA Cloud Certified, the VMWare Certified Associate Cloud?

To become a VCA Cloud Certified (WMWare VCA Cloud Associate), you first need to review the VCA certification path options. There are three VCA certifications that you can choose from: VCA DCV, VCA Cloud and VCA Workforce Mobility. To become a VCA Cloud Certified Associate, you must pass the knowledge requirements VMWare have set in place, known as the VCA Cloud certification exam. To pass the exam, you will need in-depth knowledge of VMWare, otherwise the test will be hard and impassable.

The VCA Cloud certification is the newest certification by VMWare, and it is less expensive than the VCP certification exam.  If you’ve attempted to be VMWare certified in the past, you’ll know how expensive the VCP training and exams are. It is so expensive in fact that many sysadmins in small companies are not able to afford the VCP training and exam, therefore the newer VCA exam offers those people a chance to become VMWare certified.

Certified VMWare Associates who pass the VCA exam are usually IT professionals, they are generally responsible for administrating VMWare environments, the training you get from us meets and goes beyond VMWare requirements. During the VCA exam, VMWare will ask questions various material type questions that will require extensive knowledge of the VMWare product line.

Because of the extensive knowledge required to pass the VCA exam, our training program is precisely designed to provide all the knowledge you will need to pass the VCA exam and show potential employers that you are capable of installing and administering VMWare.

Why become a Certified VMWare Associate?

Even with today’s economy and job market, companies move their infrastructure to the Cloud and those with VCA Cloud and datacenter virtualization knowledge and training are being sought out by employers. However, if you really want to stand out in their searches, having VMWare VCA certification showing your skill set will help tremendously. By passing the VCA exam and becoming a Certified VMWare Associate in Cloud or datacenter virtualization, you can be at the top of the list. That is because the VMWare VCA certification is widely recognized, and our 5 day training program along with hands on knowledge of VMWare vSphere, you will have what you need to obtain the VCA certification. Passing the exam and acquiring the VCA Cloud or VCA Datacenter Virtualization (VCA-DCV) certification shows you’re experienced with installing, running, and administering VMWare virtual infrastructure.

What are the advantages to VCA Cloud?

There’s many advantages of becoming a Certified VMWare VCA Cloud Associate. Not only is the VMWare Certification widely known and recognized, it also allows you to use the ” VMWare Certified Associate” logo on your website, business cards and other stationary. Other advantages are admittance to beta exam courses, and discounted registration fees at VMWare events , programs and improved career opportunities.

What are the VMWare requirements?

You need experience with managing, or supporting Microsoft Windows, or Linux platforms. If you are new and have little to no experience with VMWare, taking our VCA preparation course that cover How to Install, Configure and Manage VMWare Sphere will train you and give you experience to administer VMware virtual environments.

How to take the VCA Cloud exam?

Although Pearson VUE administers the exams, you are not required to take the exam at a specific test center. It is an online exam, you simply register and you’re able to take the exam right away. However, even if you’re VMWare administrator, and have an in-depth knowledge of ESXi or vCenter Server, it will still be hard, if not impossible to pass the VCA exam without proper training. That is where our VCA training program comes in, it will help prepare you for the VCA exam, and will provide access to practical hands on labs. We prepare you for those hard and surprising questions at the VCA exam, purchase our VCA training program today and be prepared for the exam early as next week!

Don’t take a chance and waste money taking the exam only to fail due to poor VMware preparation. Sign up for our VCA Cloud training program and study the VMWare Practice section for at least a week to get a greater understanding of the virtualization technology and prepare yourself for the unexpected questions on the VCA Cloud exam. Using our training program will prepare you for the VMware exam, while saving both time and money!