VMware Certifications

VMware certifications definitely make a resume look a bit flashy and has quite a bit of influence on your pay grade but since there are a lot of different certifications to choose from, it is important to choose one that is the most relevant to the career and future goals. Initially there was only one VMware certification available and it vmware certified professional (vcp)was called VMware Certified Professional, or VCP. Years ago when VMware’s range of products was simpler it was easier to become VCP since it required training classes followed by an exam but there weren’t many system features built into their product line and they were not integrated as much as they are now. With a high score in the exam (at least 80%) you could have secured your position as an instructor as long as you were interested in teaching. In the last five to seven years the leader in virtualization and cloud computing expanded their product line and now there are a variety of VMware certifications available to choose from that can help you make professional advancement in the IT career. Following are some of the certifications and their details which may help you in deciding which one will compliment your career goals the most.

VMware Certified Professional (VCP)

A person with this certification gets the eligibility to work in Enterprise level data centers (also known as private of public cloud) and in order to get this certification one must attend the training classes conducted by an instructor. Online instructor led classes are also an option in this program, but just watching videos is not an option – classes must be instructor led. The classes are mainly about vSphere (specifically ESXi and vCenter Server) and revolve around its installation, configuration, troubleshooting of ESXi Server and vCenter Server. Once the course is completed an exam has to be taken which is more or less like a general exam and is focused on vSphere system administration.

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VMWare Certified Professional (VCP-DCV)



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VMware Certified Professional: Recertification Policy

It is a tremendous achievement to earn a VCP certification.  However, it is equally important to stay up to date on the expertise you have acquired as evidenced by your certification.  Your certification is not as valuable if your skills aren’t up to date.  A recertification policy is being instituted by VMware to make sure that all VCP holders stay current and maintain their proficiency. VMware is enacting a recertification policy for our VCP certification.  In order to recertify, holders of the VMware Certified Professional (VCP) certification are required to pass a VCP or higher-level examination within two years of the most recent VCP certification that has been earned.

Recertification is broadly considered to be an important component in a person’s continuing professional growth by the IT industry and many other sectors.  It demonstrates that you are committed to your employer, career and customers and also enhances your credibility.

Recertification Process

We will notify you via the email connected to your MyLearn account about when your certification is going to expire.  In addition, your transcript will display the dates to indicate how long your certification is valid for.

To recertify, you will need to pass a VCP or high-level examination with two years of the most recent VCP certification that you have earned.

Your certification will be revoked if you fail to recertify by the specified date.

If your certification does get revoked, you will lose your VCP portal access and the right to market yourself as being certified for the VCP.  This includes using VMware certification logos.  Your transcript will also indicate that you no longer have a valid certification.

If you want to re-earn a certification after being decertified, you will need to satisfy all of the prerequisites that new candidates trying to earn their first certification do.

Why is this policy change being announced by VMware?

VCP certification holders currently aren’t required to recertify their knowledge and skills.  In the IT industry, this is uncommon.  It is just as important to stay up to date with the expertise obtained and proven by the VMware as it is to initially earn the certification.  If your skills are out of date, your certification isn’t as valuable.  The business and technical communities expect VMware certified professionals to be up to date on all the newest technologies and capable of being able to implement VMware products at a very high skill level.  VMware is enacting a recertification policy in order to ensure that these expectations are met by all certification holders.

When will the policy be in effect?

The policy went into effect on March 10, 2013.

Why was two years chosen by VMware for VCP recertification?

In order to ensure that our certificate holders are current in their field and stay up to date with the frequent changes that take place in virtualization technology, we feel that two years is a reasonable amount of time for certified individuals to re-validate and refresh their skills.

What happens if my certification expires without me getting recertified?

We will revoke your certification and you will not be allowed to use the VCP certification logo or state that you are VMware certified.  Your MyLearn account will indicate that your certification is no longer valid.  If we are contacted by any employers for the purpose of validating your certification, will we inform them that your certification is not valid any longer.

Are there any course requirements for recertification?

Previously, candidates had to upgrade their existing certifications within a certain amount of time.  After that, they were required to take a course.  Effective with this recertification policy announcement, a candidate may recertify at any time during their two-year certification time period without having to take a course.  However, it is recommended that you enroll in a training course, since hands-on experienced provided by a live or on demand (virtual or classroom) course will provide you with the most recent information to help you prepare to take the examination.

Are there any differences between the normal exam and recertification exam?


I have more than one account.  How can I make sure that my recertification is applied to the right account?

It is highly encourage that you have your accounts merged.  Contact us at certification@vmware.com to do so.  If your certifications are all under one account, your recertification applies to all certifications that are impacted.  If you have separate accounts, you risk having more than one recertification date.

Recertifiation: The recertification process is where a certification holder demonstrates that he or she is up to date with the most recent technology through passing a VCP or higher-level examination without two years of their latest VCP certification that was earned.  Valid certifications can be recertified indefinitely.  However, if they are not recertified prior to the “valid through” date specified on the certification, then it will be revoked.


VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP)

This certification is divided into two subcategories and they are as follows:

Data center administration

This certification focuses on the administration of vSphere and the skills and expertise that is required to support it. It is a lot more focused than VCP since complex infrastructure models are incorporated in this certification. All aspects of implementation of the infrastructure and managing it are incorporated in this as well. It must be noted that in order to get this certification one must have cleared the VCP exam.

Data center design

The focus of this certification is only on the design of vSphere due to which one must have polished architect’s skills revolving around networking and integration of storage and other components. This certification also has a prerequisite of holding a VCP certification.

VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX)

Once a person has successfully cleared both exams of VCAP, he becomes eligible to take on the certification of VCDX. This is an elite and cherished certification that tests one’s designing skills at the maximum. An exam is not taken to get this certification; instead one has to apply directly to VMware. Once the application is accepted the candidate has to present a design along with its plan of implementation, whether practical or theoretical. If the company likes your design and idea, you will be given an opportunity to discuss it in front of a panel that will have the right to give you the certification.

VMware Certified Associate (VCA)

vmware certified associate vca-dcvIf you want to obtain the VCA certification, there are several specific requirements that you must meet in order to prove to VMWare that you have the essential knowledge for their VMWare Certified Associate certification.    This examination is quite thorough, so in order to pass it you’ll need to be very knowledgeable about VMWare.

First of all, if you know about the VMWare Certified Professional qualification already, then you might wonder what the VCA is all about.  It is a new certification that VMWare administers.  The VCA costs less than the VCP.  It is also more accessible to most individual members or to small businesses wanting to ensure that their employees have a good working knowledge of VMWare.

The VCA is a solid alternative, if you can’t afford to pay for the VCP qualification.  It is perfect for small businesses and for VMware administrators who work either as freelancers or in smaller business environments.  It’s a great opportunity to obtain an industry recognized, high quality qualification without needing to pay the VCP’s large fee.  It’s very important that you understand that although the qualification is less expensive, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to obtain.

The VMWare Certified Associate certification and VCP are very similar to each other.  The VCA is aimed for individuals who have some IT experience already and who are responsible for the care and maintenance of virtual environments.  The VCA requires extensive training that represents a major step in the direction of becoming a highly skilled virtualization provider.  It also exceeds most industry’s requirements.  If you do manage to obtain the VCA, you can be certain you have a thorough understanding of VMware’s vSPhere product line.

You can select from three different tracts. There is the Cloud track, the Workforce Mobility track and Data Center Virtualization track.

We offer VCA exam training that has been very carefully designed to make sure you have all the necessary knowledge for successfully passing the exam.

VCA certification has several important advantages, including:

Offers clients and employers a qualification that the entire industry recognizes from the actual platform provider.  In addition, the VCA certification can be quite useful to show to prospective employers.  Holders of the certification can use the VCA image that shows they are qualified.  They are also eligible for reduced registration fees for VMware-run events and can be beta testers for future exams.

Ware Are The VCA-DCV Requirements?

The path towards earning a VCA certificate is going to depend on what your existing experience and background is.

There is a beginner’s course that should be attended by anyone who is just getting started with VMware.  It teaches individuals how to install a VMware vSphere configuration as well as configure and manage one.

After individuals have completed the beginners course, they can then take the VCA-DCV exam.  To pass the exam, you must get a minimum 300 score out of a total 500 on the 50 question test.

An Overview Of The VCA Exam Process

Although Pearson VUE administers the exam, you don’t need to sit for it at a test center.  It is a web based exam.  Once you have registered for the exam, you can take it immediately if you wish.  There are 50 multiple choice questions on the exam.  Like other VMware examinations, it has a grading scale of 100-500.  You must have a score of at least 300 in order to pass the exam.  You are given 90 minutes to complete it.  You are given an extra 30 minutes if do not happen to be a native English speaker.  You have less than 2 minutes to answer each question, so you need to be sure not to spend too much time on any one question.  Just mark the questions you’re not sure about for review.  Then review them at the end and answer them then.  Most individuals will complete the exam in about 20 to 40 minutes.

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Which certification is the most relevant for you?

It is evident from the above details that having a VMware Certified Associate (VCA) or VCP is the starting point of your career and you should have it since it defines your ability to work with vSphere while allowing you to climb the ladder and enabling you to acquire other certifications.