VMware Lab


My name is Biorn Oskold and I currently work for viadmin running as a Virtualization Architect. I currently hold my VCP Cloud, my VCP and Data centres and my VCAP DCA. I tell you my VMware certs has benefited me by gaining more self confidence in myself, gave me skillsets as well as helped me to become proficient with the various VMware products. It’s benefited viadmin and ours clients from having an advanced skilled virtualization and cloud expert who can present various system designs for the various clients we work with. I currently use the practice lab that I use and I went through the VCP and VCAP exam bluprints in incremental steps utilizing the practice lab provided by viadmin. I am certain that working with lab manuals is one of the most effective ways to gain hands-on experience. Do I suggest that you do labs on your own? Yes, absolutely don’t hesitate to go and download the VCP exam blueprints and run through each one of the installation and configuration steps.

Use viadmin cloud practice lab if you don’t have your own vmware lab you can also use VMware’s hands-on lab. If you run into troubles you can use the VMware community to ask questions related to ESXi and vSphere.