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Cisco Nexus 1000V: this is a software switch that allows for an extensive architectural platform for virtual machines and cloud networking. It is the industry leading virtual switching platform that is compatible with multiple hypervisor platforms such as VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, and KVM. Currently available for free, the essential edition creates excellent network connectivity, multi-tenancy, security, and overall consistency between virtual and physical workloads for virtual machines existing in a scalable environment. It works by simplifying many of the operational complexities that currently plague alternative systems.

vCenter Orchestrator: works by simplifying the automated IT tasks and it also integrates with VMware vCloud Suite components in order to adapt and extend service delivery and operational management which helps to work more smoothly with existing tools/infrastructure. It allows for the execution of thousands of concurrent workflows on a single or distributed architectures. It also has a scripting engine, a policy engine, and a pre-built workflow library that takes advantage of pre-constructed solutions for administrative tasks and other specific challenges.
NSX: or VMware NSX is the platform designed for network virtualization and security intended for a software-defined data center. What NSX does is it virtualizes your existing networks and transforms operations and economics. NSX has been officially implemented by several global financial and enterprise data centers that are the largest Cloud users and have all enjoyed efficient success. NSX has the capability to remove many IT barriers in order to speed up the pace of conducting some business operations.

Horizon Enterprise Edition: otherwise known as VMware Horizon 6 (with View) provides virtualized and remote desktops and their applications through a single platform. IT also supports end users with easy access to all of their Windows and other online resources via one single unified virtual workspace; Blast Performance. Blast Performance includes a long list of highly acclaimed benefits and services including, but not limited to, optimization access across the WAN and LAN by an HTML browser. It also includes deeply rich virtualized graphics.

vCloud Hybrid Service: is basically built upon VMware vSphere product line, but it allows for you to extend your data center into the cloud by utilizing existing processes and tools. It is essentially three services wrapped up into one; Disaster Recovery Cloud, Dedicated Cloud, and Virtual Private Cloud. The first is a self-service disaster recovery protection intended for virtual machines and provides automated failover testing, planned migrations, and also recovery. The second is a true single-tenant private cloud which is purposed for physically isolated computers. This is primarily meant for businesses with large LANs and who are concerned with the security of their data. The third is a multi-tenant virtual cloud service intended for computers that are only logically isolated, also intended for completely private networking.

Socialcast by VMware: is a private social network for business. It provides a single, unified workspace that allows for people to connect, find and share information, collaborate on projects, and otherwise focus on important aspects of conducting business. Socialcast Reach (which is included) embeds software into your existing Microsoft SharePoint or other intranets, CRM, Help Desk, or HR business systems to create a unified platform to streamline labor. It also includes REST APIs which allows for the creation of customizable applications in any programming language and it takes advantage of the OAuth 2.0 authentification protocol for increased security. In terms of security, it provides multiple deployment options, automated account provisioning, and legal compliance which is purposed for data retention/purge controls.

Pivotal GemFire: created out of the partnership of VMware and Pivotal, Pivotal GemFire is a distributed data management platform. Pivotal GemFire is designed for many diverse data management situations, but is especially useful for high-volume, latency-sensitive, mission-critical, transactional systems. The list of services provided is very long indeed, but to list a few of them, it provides; monitoring and management, native support for JSON documents, a new HTML5-based dashboard, enhanced parallel disk performance, spring integration and simplified APIs for improved development ease, and much more. It also has a very low and relatively predictable latency which has made it very popular amongst users.

vCenter Operations Manager: is a keystone piece in the VMware product line, VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite. It provides fairly comprehensive visibility and insights into the performance, capacity, and otherwise general well-being of your existing infrastructure. The operations dashboard provides at-glance views into health, risk, and efficiency of your virtual infrastructure. It quickly identifies anomalies, faults, and otherwise stressed workloads that can make an impact on the performance of the health of your infrastructure. It provides in-depth analysis into what is impacting the performance of your virtual machines, hosts, data storages, and clusters. There is also a proactive smart alert feature that provides automated root cause analysis and advanced reporting. It also visualizes all areas of your infrastructure in order to identify resource constraints or other forms of bottlenecks.

vCenter Site Recovery Manager: is a disaster recovery manager that offers automated orchestration and non-disruptive testing for virtualized applications. It contains centralized recovery plans which map virtual machine sin order to appropriate resources on the failover site. It also creates control access points to recovery plans with role-based access controls. The non-disruptive testing uses storage snapshot in order to perform recovery tests without losing nay replicated data. It also connects virtual machines to an existing isolated network in order to avoid impacting production applications. It will then automatically clean up testing environments upon completion of automated tasks. The automated failback system allows for automatic re-protection of virtual machines by reversing replication to the original site. This is also available with vSphere Replication. vCenter Site Recovery Manager also contains planned migrations with graceful shutdown of protected material and virtual machines on the original site. It performs data synchronization to force complete replication of powered-off virtual machines to the failover site. See more at:
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