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Tired of being stuck in the physical world? Can’t find a way to move you Windows or Linux OS from one physical server to another one? Have you been longing into a system that runs on a old piece of hardware and you need to move it over to a new server? If you had any of these issues there is a pretty good solution for you – it’s called physical to virtual conversion and VMWare has an application to do just that. You can use an application called VMWare Converter to that conversion. VMWare Converter allows you to move your existing OS, applications and settings from one physical or virtual server to another location. With VMware Converter you don’t have to rebuild your OS and applications from scratch and it won’t slow you down and impede your progress. The Converter is state of the art application which allows you to pick and choose everything you had running on a server or just any Windows computer and migrate it as one image to a new server and you can do multiple simultaneous conversions.

These simultaneous physical to virtual conversions will enable your large scale implementation or just one off jobs to recreate your old environment on to the new servers without sacrificing quality. With VMWare Converter you are in complete control of your system conversions without having to compromise on the important issues (such as compatibility) to your goals for your company.

Whether you’re looking for a local or remote management console to manage the process of converting physical to virtual, the Converter got what it takes. With the centralized management console you’ll be able to choose your destination server for all of your conversions. Large companies are taking full advantage of VMWare Converter to not only run a copy of their important systems, but to manage them around the country as well.

If you need to install VMWare converter there is a wizard the will walk you through the process in a step by step fashion, every step of the way. You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to manage multiple conversions all from one central management console.

Simply install VMWare Converter and follow our easy step by step instructions. In the section with the VMWare Videos we offer easy to follow online tutorial to train you in doing conversions and managing the process of converting physical machines. If you’re hoping to reduce the downtime as much as you can, then this is the application for you.

Whether you’re looking for a way to convert your physical machine to a virtual machine, or vice versa as long as it’s Windows the conversion most likely will succeed.

VMWare Converter can reduce the downtime and provide migration across the board so that you’re system is always at the ready. You’ll even be able to easily watch your audit trail to ensure that everything is functioning just as it should be.

The best news is VMWare Converter is free! You can have it all at your fingertips with VMWare Converter and you won’t have to go from location to location to convert your old systems to new virtual machines. Think of all the time you can save with this simply ingenious application by using all from the comfort of your chosen location. This simple add in plug for vCenter Server in can save your company thousands of dollars.