VMWare Practice Lab


VMWare Practice Lab

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VMWare Practice Lab 32G

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One Week Online VMware Lab Environment Access.

Processor2 x Dual Core Intel® Xeon 5160
3.0 GHz
lab processors
RAM32GB Fully Buffered PC5300F
ECC memory
vmware lab server memory
Hard Disk1 x 250GB SAS
SAN1228 Gb (1.2 Tb) iSCSI Shared LUNLAB storeage area network
NICs4 x Intel + 2 x Broadcom
1000Mb + 1 KVM, Total 7 NICs
Operating SystemVM Ware ESX 4.x, ESXi 5.x, ESXi 6.0VMware vSphere
Remote AccessRemote Desktop, KVM, SSHvmware-lab-connectivity
SupportE-mail + Phone Support. Please note that support is limited to hardware issues. If you need guidance you can sign for one of our classes or purchase one-on-one support hours.



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