VMWare Practice Lab

The skills students have learned as they watch Videos with voice are then applied on real servers so that they are involved in real training not just demos. Each student will test their skills on each topic on real servers remotely.


NEW! With 32 GB RAM, 6 x 1000Mb Full-Duplex Network Cards, BIOS Level Access,
iSCSI and NAS SAN, VMWare vCenter Server, DRS and VMotion our environment provides you with Enterprise Level testing lab you always dreamed of. VMWare Dedicated Server detailed specs…
Practice Lab Server
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  • Detailed VMWare Lab Overview

What exactly does our VMWare Practice Lab look like? We get that question a lot… and because we can’t always be there to tell you in person, we got couple of videos made!

“This Lab is “da bomb”…big ups to viadmin, I am really learning so much…”

Author's imageUdell H.VCE
1 One of the prerequisites of VMWare VCP exam or if you’d like to take your VMWare Virtual Infrastructure skills to the next level – it is cruicial to have VMWare ESX Server hands on experience, and that is what we provide at viadmin.com.5 We provide you with an opportunity to gain real life VMWare experience by installing, setting up and administering all of the aspects of an enterprise-level Virtual Infrastructure.
2 When you sign up for access to the VMWare practice lab, you get one dedicated HP or DELL Server with two dual core Intel XEON processors, 32 Gb RAM, 6 physical network cards, 1.2 Tb shared SAN LUN and remote KVM control to power up and down your server.
6 You will have an access to at least one shared ESX server with the same specs, connected to the shared SAN, so that you can set up VMotion, HA, DRS, FT and all of the advanced VMWare features.
3 To manage your ESX server and to install vCenter you will be provided with access to a 64-bit Virtual Machine – your Management Station that you can allways access even if you power down your dedicated server.7 You can install ESX Server on your dedicated host using remote KVM and then configure it’s settings, create virtual networks and connect to the shared SAN.
4 With six network cards, two of them dedicated to SAN connectivity and four to virtual machines, you can set up any scenario including multi-pathing, High Availability, vMotion, Fault Tolerance, DRS, create 10, 15 or more virtual machines and test all of the VMWare great features!8 For labs that require minimum two ESX servers you need to join our cluster of servers by simply following up the documentation that you will be provided with, after you sign up.
Processor2 x Dual Core Intel® Xeon 5160
3.0 GHz
lab processors
RAM32GB Fully Buffered PC5300F
ECC memory
vmware lab server memory
Hard Disk1 x 250GB SAS
SAN1228 Gb (1.2 Tb) iSCSI Shared LUNLAB storeage area network
NICs4 x Intel + 2 x Broadcom
1000Mb + 1 KVM, Total 7 NICs
Operating SystemVM Ware ESX 4.x, ESXi 5.x, ESXi 6.0VMware vSphere
Remote AccessRemote Desktop, KVM, SSHvmware-lab-connectivity
SupportE-mail + Phone Support. Please note that support is limited to hardware issues. If you need guidance you can sign for one of our classes or purchase one-on-one support hours.

So, if you really are looking to gain hands-on VMWare experience you’ve come to the right place!

Bonuses? Absolutely! You Get EVERYTHING You Need to Learn VMWare FAST…

VMWare Lab BookBonus #1: Step-by-Step Lab Book (Value $47)

We want to make sure you get the best results FAST. We are including an amazing visual Lab guide that will help you hit the ground running. This VMWare Lab Book will help you install and configure ESXi and all important features of VMWare vSphere, including practice labs on VMWare vCenter, VMWare Converter (P to V and V to V migration) and Update Manager (Virtual Machine and ESXi patching and updating) and way more.

Master vSphere By Following Visual Step-by-Step lab exercises, explained in detailed and easy to follow even if you have no prior VMWare experience. Each of the step-by-step instructions on how to complete every lab has plenty of screenshots so that you know what exactly needs to be done. When you are finished, you will have completed VMWare labs on all major components of vSphere virtual infrastructure. With the help of our cloud based vmware lab and the PDF Lab Guide, you will perform all of the following lab steps: Installing and Configuring ESXi…

And Even More...

Use of vSphere Client, Connect to and Configure, Host Licensing, Adding a Local User, Connecting ESXi to Active Directory (Join Domain), Clock Services, Log Files, Server Health. Troubleshooting VMWare vSphere, Creating Virtual Switches and Networking, NFS, VMKernel Port for NFS, Connect to the NFS Share, Create VMWare Virtual Machines, Install Operating System into the VM, VMware Tools, Tuning VMs for Performance. Working with VM Snapshots, Installing VMWare vCenter (Single Sign On, Inventory Service vCenter Server), vCenter Inventory Objects, vCenter Web Access, Configure vCenter Server for Guest OS customization, Convert VM to a template, Deploy a new VM from template, Convert new template back to a VM, Deploy a new VM by cloning an existing one.

Virtual Machine Files, Editing Existing Guest OS Specifications, Hot Add a Virtual Disk, Hot Extend a Virtual Disk, Grow the vDisk Partition, Grow the VM System Drive, Assign restricted permissions to accounts, Establish vCenter Administrator Permissions, Experiment with Custom Roles, Shared Storage, Configure the iSCSI software adapter, Private LUNs and iSCSI Storage. Work with VMFS Volumes, Build a new VMFS volume on a SAN LUN, Add a second LUN, Delete VMFS LUN span, Create a new, single volume VMFS that does not use all available space, Partition and Format a LUN VMFS, Add a Second LUN to a VMFS, Growing a VMFS. vCenter Alarms, Configure a VM Alarm, Host Profiles, Review the configuration properties contained in a host profile, Make a host configuration change, Attach saved Host Profile to ESXi host and scan for compliance, Apply the Host Profile to restore original configuration, Review/Update Host Profiles, Perform a Compliance Scan, Resources & Resource Pools, Create a Resource Pool, Run the CPU Load Generator, Controlling a Virtual Machine’s CPU Resources, Resource Management with Resource Pools, Work with vSphere Converter Standalone, Install vSphere Converter Standalone, Add SysPrep for Windows to Converter, VMware Data Recovery, Perform a back up of VMs, Perform a conditional restore of Virtual Machine, Recover VMWare VM, Configure VMWare Data Recovery -VMDR OVF Appliance (Initial Steps). Adjust Virtual Hardware, Perform a Virtual Machine Restore, Virtual Machine Migration, Cold migrate a windows VM onto the Shared SAN LUN, Power on the VMs and verify that they are running on shared SAN storage, Add a second ESXi host to VMWare vCenter server, Hot migrate a VM from one ESXi host to the second host, Use VMWare Storage VMotion to migrate the storage of a hot VM onto a shared SAN LUN, Cold Migrate a Windows VM, Hot Migrate VMWare Virtual Machines, Create a VMkernel Port for VMotion, Stress Test VMotion, Network Test, Interactive Test, VMWare Distributed Resource Scheduler, Create the DRS Cluster, Add Hosts to the Cluster, Migrate VMs onto a Single ESXi Host To Unbalance the Cluster, VMWare High Availability (HA), Configure HA on your DRS Cluster, Prepare For A Host Failure, Simulate an ESXi Hosts Failure, VMware Update Manager, Install and configure VMware Update Manager, Download patch definitions, Create a patch baseline and attach it to inventory, Perform a patch scan and remediate any ESXi hosts found to be out of compliance, Install VMware Update Manager, Configure VUM, Check Compliance and Remediate, Performance Monitoring, Perform a Disk Benchmark, Create a Disk I/O Load with IOMeter, Review Disk I/O Performance, Monitor Network I/O, VM to VM IOMeter Network Performance Tests.


Bonus #2: One Hour of One on One VMWare Training* (Value $60)

Unlike many other vendors that leave you waiting on the phone line we support and build upon everything we do. When you sign up we will schedule a convenient time for you and one of our VMware Trainers and he will answer the questions you have while logged in to the Lab and showing you how exactly to troubleshoot the issue or configure the component you are having troubles with. *To qualify for this bonus you must order a minimum of three weeks of lab access.

Total Bonus Value: $107 And You are getting all the bonuses for FREE!

Note: These AMAZING bonuses are only available for a limited time and we may have to remove these bonuses or dramatically raise the price on this product very soon…


VMWare Practice Lab Network Diagram

Bellow you can find a network diagram representing the VMWare vSphere Practice Lab environment that you can have an access to. In addition to your main physical host (top right corner where it says Dedicated ESX Server) that you can use to install ESXi Server you have an access to at least one shared ESXi server with the same specs, connected to our shared SAN.

Practice LAB General Network Diagram

To manage your ESXi Server and to install vCenter you are provided with access to a 64-bit Windows Virtual Machine (bottom left where it says Management Station).

In your physical host you have seven network cards, two of them dedicated to SAN connectivity, four to virtual machines and one for KVM.

Also we have Active Directory server – to provide authentication and DNS services. VMWare vCenter Server to use for practice labs that require more than one ESXi Servers and SQL Server to host your vCenter Server database. The LUNs are stored on three DELL Equallogic PS Series iSCSI SAN arrays for redundancy and multipathing.

    1. One of the prerequisites of VMWare VCP exam or if you’d like to take your VMWare Virtual Infrastructure skills to the next level – it is crucial to have VMWare ESX Server hands on experience, and that is what we provide at viadmin.com.

    1. We provide you with an opportunity to gain real life VMWare experience by installing, setting up and administering all of the aspects of an enterprise-level Virtual Infrastructure.


There are four ways of accessing VIADMIN Practice Lab.

The easiest one is via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) After signing-up you’ll receive a username and password so that you can connect to your own Management Station (Virtual PC) through Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). If you are connecting from a none-Windows based computer, you can use one of these RDP Clients: for Linux/Solaris/BSD: rdesktop, for Mac OS: TSclientX.

From Installing VMWare ESXi To Creating Virtual Machines and Performing Live Migration… Sign Up Today And Do The VMWare Labs On Real VMWare Servers!
FeatureESXi Server 32G
Physical Host
ESXi Server 8G
Virtual Host**
ESXi Server 16G
Physical Host
Processor2 x DualCore
Intel Xeon 5160
2 x AMD
Opteron 2356
2 x DualCore
Intel Xeon 5160
RAM32 Gb8 Gb16 Gb
Hard Disk250 Gb10 Gb250 Gb
Shared iSCSI SAN LUN1.2 Tb1.2 Tb1.2 Tb
Multiple Shared iSCSI SAN LUNs For Storage vMotionAvailableAvailableAvailable
Storage TypeiSCSI and NFSiSCSI and NFSiSCSI and NFS
Supported Versions Of VMWareESXi 4.x*/5.xESXi 4.x/5.xESXi 4.x*/5.x
Remote AccessKVM (DRAC) + SSHSSH onlyKVM (DRAC) + SSH
Active Directory, DNS, NTP, Certificate Authority (CA)AvailableAvailableAvailable
Pre-built Virtual Machine Templates For Quick And Easy DeploymentAvailableAvailableAvailable
vCenter Server 5.XAvailableAvailableAvailable
Shared Co-Training ESXi ServerAvailableAvailableAvailable
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 databaseAvailableAvailableAvailable
Management Station (64-bit, Windows 2008 R2 Server)AvailableAvailableAvailable
Email Server and an Email Box To Receive vCenter Server AlertsAvailableAvailableAvailable
PXE Server (boot and load ESXi from the network)AvailableAvailableAvailable
ISO images with major Operating SystemsAvailableAvailableAvailable
Build Your Own Virtual SANAvailableAvailable
ESXi Root AccessAvailableAvailableAvailable
Support: Please note that support is limited to hardware issues.
If you need training or guidance on how to use VMware you can
sign up for one of our classes or purchase one-on-one support hours.
Phone, Chat, E-mailE-mailE-mail
1 (One) Week Price: 7 Days X 24 Hrs$97$47$87

*The current VMWare version that we support is vSphere 5.5, if you’d like to do lab practice on VMware vSphere 4.x you need to book two servers.
**Virtual ESXi hosts are not officially supported by VMWare and some functions or range of functions may not work as expected.

$147 $97Read more

Looking to order more than one week? Click here to Order More!

Lowest Price Guarantee VMWare Cloud Lab

It’s simple our “Lowest Price VMWare Lab Practice Guaranteed or It’s Free” promise is here to help you practice VMWare for less and get the support you deserve. Challenge us: search for the best price you can find and call us with the details. If we can’t match or beat the price, it’s free. We’ll be happy to match your price up to 10% difference whether that is from a VMWare’s website, VMWare Partner or on the web.

You will not find a better VMWare Practice Lab deal elsewhere!

  • 1 In the case where you do find a cheaper vmware lab price, we will gladly match any offers advertised on print outs, in-store or on the internet and we can do it within 10%!

  • 2 The same 10% price match rule stated above applies if you find a cheaper price advertised elsewhere from either print outs, in-store or on the internet at any time within the 30 days of purchase.

  • 3 In the event that we discount the price of your purchase within 30 days, we can reimburse you the difference upon proof of receipt.


What Our Clients Say About Us

I am learning so much! …Thanks for all your help… So far its been tremendous! The VMWare Lab is exactly what I was looking for!

  • BIG UPS TO VIADMIN – I AM REALLY LEARNING SO MUCH… I APPRECIATE YOU GUYS HAVING THIS TEST LAB SETUP FOR ME TO TEST DIFFERENT THINGS THAT I AM READDING ABOUT… I GOT MORE UNDERSTANDING ABOUT STORAGE (iSCSI,HBA’S,SANS,NFS) AND ALSO ABOUT NETWORKING (vSWITCHES,vmknics,port groups, and other settings…) I really want to work more on the vCenter and its configuration and the databasing…. for now thank you for all your help and this test lab…

    Author's imageUdell H.VCE

  • Really appreciate your services and caring for the clients. Thanks for providing me 4 days of free access, and I’ll take that as golden opportunity provided by Honest Company to its client. Frankly speaking, I have heard about the service quality of viadmin from my friends, now I believe on it.

    Surely I’ll be interested to continue business again with Viadmin and also refer my friends.

    Many thanks for your service.

    Author's imageM. RafiBNP Paribas

  • Awesome, thank you guys, is there any way I could get an extension on my lab by chance? I was rubbing by head for a bit on this bad boy. Thanks again for your help!

    I do have to say the lab is a really great idea, something no other company will provide.
    Good hands on experience.

    Author's imageMike H.P&G

  • Thanks a million again for all your help. I really appreciate it!

    I have been thinking how to tackle my VMWare projects since May. I am working on this and will keep you posted.

    Thanks so much for your help.

    Author's imageRick S.US Bank

  • Excellent! Thank you for this information… I will work with this information… Thank you for answering my questions so promptly… I am still refamiliarizing myself with VMware… I was working on other projects and have gotton away from it… but I want to come back… I hope my transition will go smoother after working on these labs… 🙂

    Author's imageJason S.VMWare Consultant

  • Thank you for your prompt response. VMWare Lab is exactly what I was looking for, it has it all that I need: shared storage, vMotion and all of the advanced feature – great work guys!

    Truly appreciate your help again.

    Author's imageArun Y.System Administrator

  • Thanks for all your help… So far its been tremendous…

    Author's imageMark T,IT Analyst

  • Thank you so much for all of your support and help… I really appreciate it…

    Author's imageTim F.VMWare Enthusiast

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VMware Lab FAQ

Q: What is VMware Lab For Practice?
A: VMware Practice Lab is a well-equipped, technical training lab created to take learning to a whole new level. The exclusive, cloud-based, multi-platform lab surroundings are indeed essential in honing skills and enhancing the overall classroom experience by:
– Allowing you to practice and sharpen acquired skills from quality instructor-led training classes.
– Facilitating the ideal environment that allows you to get better and eventually good, prior to applying these skills in an operational environment.
– Allowing you to specialize on features of interest, by practically going in-depth.

Q: Which VMware classes offer VMware Lab?
A: VMware Lab For Practice offers essential post-class lab surroundings for select VMware programs that are entailed in the VCP5 certification. VMware Lab For Practice can be procured either as a standalone offering or in conjunction with the select courses listed below:
– VMware vSphere: Fast Track (V5.X)
30 hours of active training time or 14 days access to the 29 labs; whichever comes first.
– VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage (V5.0) OR (V5.1)
30 hours of active training time or 14 days access to the 24 labs; whichever comes first.
– VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage for SMBs (V5.X)- Recorded Classroom
30 hours of active training time or 14 days access to the 24 labs; whichever comes first.

Q: How does VMware Lab For Practice help in regards to developing your knowledge and honing skills?
A: The best way to get good at anything is through continuous practice in an operational environment. VMware Lab For Practice not only lets you to dive right in from the get go by allowing you to gets hands on in a well-equipped, risk-free lab environment, but also enlightens you more on the varying products and how they integrate. In addition to this, the course’s flexibility deletes any educational barriers by making it possible for you to access the labs and virtual classrooms from technically anywhere, using any mobile device and at your own convenience.


– Optimal preparation of students prior to certification examinations thanks to the own-paced training and access to labs any time so as to get acquainted to the practical parts of the course.
– Detailed course guidelines, enhanced by the risk-free operational labs that allow you to practice anytime you want.
– Affordability facilitated by the focus on virtual platforms rather than actual classrooms and other infrastructure



– User-friendly web interface that enhances quality through unification of training materials, lectures, video content, social media, live chats, labs and live feeds among other vital components vital for optimal training.
– Top-notch and highly secured VMware technology that runs our cloud-based service.
– Convenient training thanks to the virtual platform that allows you to access labs and training materials from anywhere at any time using the device of your choice.
– Creative in-built social links and networks to allow regular sharing of information and experiences between users.

IT professionals seeking to widen their knowledge can greatly benefit from acquiring VMware certifications. Besides helping you fully prepare for your exams, the training also allows users to revisit labs on demand so as to help them gain total confidence on the technical part of the training. You also get to learn at your own pace and convenience which is quite helpful especially for the busy professional who rarely gets time.

The VMware Lab For Practice environment is however gaining popularity thanks to its affordable nature. The course is indeed very easy on your finances; a factor that can be attributed to the focus on virtual platforms rather than actual IT infrastructure and classrooms. This saves on operation costs, classrooms space and hardware among other vital equipment.

Q: What are the key features of VMware Lab For Practice?
A: VMware Lab For Practice entails an effective combination of features that go a long way in making it high quality. For starters, it features a fully-functional virtual platform that entails operational hands-on labs, quality learning materials, live support and video or eLearning through the user-friendly interface. All that is required is a HTML5 program that allows you to universally access training. In short, there are no headaches, plugins or installers to worry about.

VMware Lab For Practice allows users to get acquainted to a powerful, fully-operational lab environment that supports sophisticated multi-VMware configurations spread across all operating systems. The functional labs are indeed quite essential in honing skills and sometimes referred to as a true VM ‘console’ for advanced users.

Q: How is VMware Lab For Practice implemented?
A: The fact that you can actually run lab operations as a cloud service indeed makes it very convenient and user-friendly. You can access VMware Lab For Practice from virtually anywhere as it is a cloud-ready platform with highly-customized features defined by a shared environment.

Q: How can VMware Lab For Practice be used?
A: In essence, you can use VMware Lab For Practice to access training materials and lab environment through any mobile device ranging from a dedicated personal computer to a mobile device.

Q: Is VMware Lab For Practice secure and reliable?
A: Indeed. The simplistic interface and labs are designed using state-of-art technology comprising of reliable vSphere enterprise systems.

Q: How long will I gain access to VMware Lab For Practice?
A: All users actually have unlimited access to the operational labs for a period of 30 days or thirty hours active lab training time, whichever lapses first. Note that the thirty hours of active lab time is regarded as the actual working time.

Q: How much does VMware Lab For Practice cost?
A: Visit our website for the latest pricing updates.

Q: When Can I access VMware Lab For Practice?
A: You can access VMware Lab For Practice 24/7, 365 days a year from virtually anywhere and at your own convenience and pace.